When a person wants to buy a home he should know four important substitutes such as real estate agent,Mortgage Company, inspector and the title company. They all play a vital role in order to buy a home. The real estate agent can help you in searching which kind of property do you want to buy as well as he negotiates with the seller on the behalf of you. After that, you will have to contact your lender such as a bank, Mortgage Company etc.It will check your asset, income etc and you will get a pre-approval letter that you are going to buy a home. At the time you got the home of your choice you need to appoint an inspector to inspect the interior and exterior of the home and will provide you the report. On the basis of the report, there will be a negotiation over the property.

A lendercannot give you money until the property is verified at that time the title company takes the responsibility to check any issue regarding the property. If there is no issue with the property you can hand over the amount to the seller. So this was the brief idea regarding buying a home.

Helping hand of closing cost

When a person wants to buy a home, he made an offer and a visit to the seller and if the idea seems great he can say “okay”. Behind that, a real estate agent plays a vital role in order to close thedeal. For closing the deal a person has to pay a closing cost. Closing is a settlement which shows that the person who pays closing cost is the owner of the property onward.

Steps of closing cost

Previously, the public records say that the house or property belongs to sellers. To swap the legal ownership between buyer and the seller we need three components, they are:-

  • Lander

Lander could be a bank;mortgageprovideretc who will lend you the money and you will have to promise that you will pay back more over time.

  • Legal steps

In order to make the public record that now you are the owner of the house, the government has to record the transfer of the home from seller to buyers. This process includes tax as well.

  • Titlecompany

Actually, the job of Titles Company is to transfer the legal order to the buyers and for this, you have to pay a closing fee. The title company verifies all the records written of the document with respect to actual.


In this segment, we have learned that how a property is a transferfrom one person to other person and what is closing cost. Hence, the closing cost includes the loan, legal cost and titling cost. At last, when there will be a meeting between the seller and buyers the title company will have all the records summaries on a document. And you just need to verify and you will get a home with all legal orders with you.