Cloud computing services: Why your business needs to have it now? Check this post

Since the dawn of the internet, cloud computing has also existed, however, only in the past few years that it has turned into a household term where anyone who owns a computer, a smartphone or a tablet can easily use different cloud services.

Whenever you scroll through your social media accounts, or watching videos online or just accessing your email or opening up smartphone applications, you are actually accessing different data that is stored in the cloud.

The general public has easily adopted cloud services compared to the business world because the majority of the data which companies used to operate and grow their businesses is very sensitive in nature.

 It has taken some time for companies to transfer from their in-house data storage systems to cloud computing or hosting, however, times have changed. Just two years ago, there is a research that found out that more than fifty percent of the global enterprises are already relying on a cloud platform, and to add more, the cloud market is now worth more than a hundred billion dollars and it is expected to grow.

For businesses that are taking advantage of the innovation brought by cloud computing or cloud hosting, there are a lot of reasons why they are sticking to this kind of technological tools. First, it is secured and very affordable, it is also very efficient, can be customized according to your business needs, it also removes the chances of data losses, can be upgraded to the best technology available, and easily accessed.

 There are different types of cloud services that can benefit your business just like the IBM iSeries cloud, and to tell you more, check out the outlined information below.

  1. IaaS– This is considered to be the most basic category when it comes to the cloud computing services one can use. This allows the user to rent an IT infrastructure from a cloud provider.
  2. PaaS– This refers to the demand of the environment for developing, delivering, managing, and testing software applications because it is designed to create web instantly or mobile applications without compromising the underlying infrastructure of its servers, networks, storage, and the databases that are vital for the development just like the Desktop as a service (DaaS).
  3. SaaS– This type of cloud service is used to deliver software applications to the internet according to the demand. It is a subscription basis to help the user host and manage the software application and the underlying infrastructure to handle any maintenance.
  4. FaaS– This is used to provide another layer of abstraction to the PaaS, so that the developers can insulate it completely from everything in their code that are stacked below and instead of passing the hassle of work to the virtual servers, this uploads narrowly functional blocks of different codes to set them in triggering a particular event.

These services have its own distinct qualities and advantages that suits to different business requirements that your company can benefit into, however, availing all of these services does not mean it can cover everything that your business needs, so it is still important to choose which one of these cloud computing services best suits your business needs.