Grants for Single Moms- Eligibility and Registration Process Involved

Grants for Single Moms- Eligibility and Registration Process Involved


The life of a single mom is full of challenges and burdens. To help them manage their financial burdens to an extent, the states offers various grants for single moms to support them till they can handle well and kids grow up. The United States department of public welfare offers these grants to single moms to support them financially. Divorced and widowed moms have to deal with their education, kids educations, pay bills, pay for groceries, rent etc which is quite challenging. They either borrow money from known persons, if not get loans and they end up getting into debts.  These grants to single moms offered by the government will help them get out of their debts, pay unpaid bills, pay for higher education etc. Owing to the lack of awareness, these grants go unclaimed and many dollars are not claimed. The government had set 247 billion dollars grants to single parent for the year 2009. So single moms can claim these benefits wisely and face the challenges of kids upbringing and financial crunch.

grants for single moms

Process to register

Single moms can easily visit the government grants website. Apply for registration. Once you do it, single moms are offered a catalog of federal domestic assistance(CFDA) number and can track the application forms and the process it goes through to get the benefit kick start. Check for eligibility criteria, income tax that you pay, monetary assistance provided, etc. It takes a few weeks to months to hear from the welfare program and then they provide you additional details to proceed.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Single moms should be a resident of that particular state to avail the benefit.
  2. Suppose you are a foreign national, a minimum stay of three years is essential to claim the benefits.
  3. Only if its legally confirmed on the divorce, the single mom can avail the benefits.
  4. The single mom can claim the benefit from the state if the father of the child is imprisoned.
  5. If a child is born out of the wedlock, a single mom can avail the benefit.
  6. If the child is taken care by the grandparents then the benefits cannot be availed.
  7. If the mother is supported by a current partner then the benefit cannot be claimed for the child.
  8. If the single mom received public pension benefit, then she is not eligible to claim this one.
  9. If the single mom is a teenager from a well established family, then there are chances for the eligibility to be denied in claiming the benefits from the state government.
  10. Sometimes you are expected to perform a service according to the grant terms and conditions in the fields such as education, art, agriculture, health, finance, business, food, information, etc.