How to Create Your Perfect Landing Page? Discover the Steps!

Could you make a landing page by yourself? The fact that a landing page is a web simplified to the maximum and dedicated to a specific topic does not mean that its preparation is simple, or that it involves a small number of professionals. Rather, the opposite happens. The creation process may vary from one company to another, depending on the platforms or resources you use. You might need to learn about landing pages and adjust all studied things to your “right now condition” and get them applied on a proper path. The adjustment is the main cause of creation process variation.

For example, if you have a marketing tool, the process can be greatly simplified. If not, you will be involved in a rather complex process in which you will have to take the following steps or actions:

* Analyze your campaign and the data with which you have to carry it out

Of course before starting everything, you should make sure you understand the supporting data first. Make sure everything is running on the right track.

* Raising a marketing strategy

You must define how you want to spread the campaign in question, what you are going to ask your potential customers and what they are going to get in return. Know your target customers then you will be one step ahead.

* Think or plan the campaign

This phase is also called conceptualization. This should be done at the beginning but in fact, the phase sometimes is set in the middle of process.

* Elaborate wireframes

That is, schemes without design – to define how the contents will be distributed in the template of the landing page. Carry out the design that will dress the template or layout, choosing the most appropriate colors, typography styles, images that will illustrate the page, etc. By using some tools available on the today’s market, you may be able to check your market place, where you can find complex but customizable templates to create your landing pages.

* Lay out the graphic

That means laying out the graphic elements and the system text, which will allow the landing page to respond correctly to each environment and each device (computer, tablet or mobile phone).

* Schedule your page

Schedule the page so that the data is stored in your database when the user performs some action.

* Perform pre-launch tests

You will have to verify that the page works exactly as you want, regardless of the device that the user uses to access it. This affects both the visualization (you have to check if the textual and graphic contents are seen correctly) and the functionalities of the web, whether explicit or hidden. Carry out the launch of the marketing campaign, through the publication of banners or e-mailing actions in the media you have planned.

* Track the campaign

You will let go a few days – the number will vary depending on the duration of the campaign – to start analyzing the information collected. The capture of the data of your contacts (leads) gives you valuable information, since with it you can better plan the next recruitment actions.
Finally, once the monitoring has been carried out and the results obtained have been analyzed, the process has begun again.

And what else?

In addition to following the steps indicated, you have to take into account other aspects when creating a landing page:

Always take into consideration all the steps, actors and components involved in the process. For example, marketing and SEO strategies, technology or customer service. Talking about SEO, don’t ever do illegal SEO ways otherwise you’ll ruin yourself.

Analyze the traffic of the corporate website to know which pages should be optimized as landing pages and what flows should be used to increase conversions and profitability. To be honest, analyzing traffic is first way to understand before you learn about landing pages.

Work with agility and speed depending on the available resources, both technical and human, to pose creative process in an appropriate and proportionate manner. Not all phases are necessary, since the process can be streamlined based on the available tools and the history of campaigns and landing pages made.

Hopefully this article can give you useful insight so you can create your own landing pages. Good luck and free your creativity.