Importance of Person Identification in a Business

Importance of Person Identification in a Business

A corporate world is full of rush and hustle. Identity is one of the major requirements in entering a building. For us to enter the company, first thing to do is to verify the person entering the building and making sure that the person is authorized.

To verify, most companies use biometric fingerprint to identify your identity and to monitor your time, going in and out the building. Sometimes, companies even use manual input of your names using notebooks or computers. These are a few examples of method that companies are still using and needs a lot of time, as well inconvenient for us.

What we need is an innovation of convenience. Not just an easy access and less time-consuming access as we enter and leave our offices.

The Use of Online Tools For Identification Purposes

In this generation, most of us are already involved in technology, or the digital world. It is undeniable that the digital world allows us to improve the way we do things in our work.

This is the perfect time for innovation of the workplace to embrace change, new ideas, and new methods, and be open with new solutions. With this, you can perform even better at what you do best – having a convenient, quick, and accessible work environment.

A solution is made with a real-time identity access to verify the identity of each person going in or out in an area which is only made possible by Access by Ipsidy. To know more, visit

This access is fast and convenient for everyone. In a corporate office, it is best for all employees whether be it for you as an employee or even just a visitor.


Firstly, one must have a smartphone and just download the app wherein a special feature is made with facial biometric recognition of your own identity. Just simply scan your facial points and you got it – Of course, it is wireless and budget friendly.

The access app is offered with 2 options:

  1. Digital Visitor Pass – they will accept the pass made by the host and will authenticate themselves to the host with just a simple click for a good selfie.
  2. Host – can give the access point, range, time, date, and confirmation to the visitor.

These two options are well-noted with connection and notification. Both will only need a Bluetooth connection to easily monitor.

Not just that, the app can even monitor the movement of each individual and its identity status. An administrator of Access by Ipsid44y have a lot of options with his or her choice of editing its convenience – the areas, identity, tracking of attendance or even re-verifying its visitors.

This realistic convenience is an easy and convenient way to manage, monitor and verify each individuals within the corporate world. With a certainty, it is fast to know all the who’s and the when’s.

There’s more, Access is not just for corporate industries but for every type of building – whether be it a school or a bank, small or big buildings. It is for everyone!

The Bottom Line

Innovation is the key for our convenience, and this access solution is indeed the key for a real-time verification of identity access that can easily save a busy person’s time and effort. It is not enough to be contented on a good solution in a hectic daily schedule of workers. You might have a good working environment, but you should always strive to make a better one.