Limited Liability CompanyRead These Tips on How to Build Your Own LLC

Limited Liability Company: Read These Tips on How to Build Your Own LLC

One of the decisions a potential entrepreneur must make is what form is their industry and path will take. The huge 3 among the choices include the corporation, sole proprietorship, and corporation. While your ultimate decision depends largely on the specific situations of your new decision, many people opt to incorporate. While the word corporation often conjures an image of goliath Fortune 500 companies, the truth is that a company can consist of as few as a single individual. While the specific procedure might vary a little bit from state to state, there are four steps you can take to ensure you build your LLC smoothly and according to the State filing specifications.

  1. Come up with a Valid Name

When you’re filing the Articles of Organization to build an LLC, you’ll have to check whether the name you have chosen has already been taken by another entity in your state. You must also ensure that the name satisfies any specifications and restrictions imposed by your own state. Most states require that an LLC established within the state must contain variation in its name. Using the term “insurance” in a company name is one common example.

Hence, you need to research your state’s specifications and think carefully about what to name your LLC before you start the filing procedure.


  1. Assign a Registered Agent

When establishing an LLC, you’ll need to assign a registered agent who resides at the street address in your state to handle forms sent between the company and the government. The registered agent is the individual or business who accepts service of process and other legal documents on behalf of the company. They may be a staff member of the company or does not have to be associated with the company in any way, such as being a service company.

When searching for an agent, consider consulting with the company that specifically offers registered agents in your state. can assist you with this procedure.

  1. Submit Your LLC’s Articles of Organization

You must arrange the Articles of Organization which will contain the name of the LLC, the principal office address, the country of business, and any other information as required by each state. Your Articles of Organization may be required by the state; the LLC’s general aim as a formalized statement. The statement should present your LLC as having been established to achieve any lawful activity or purpose. The Articles of Organization can also include these following details:

  • Whether it would have its own members carry out its management needs directly or if the management will be employed externally.
  • Whether the LLC is designed to remain in operation forever or for a limited period.
  • The signature of one of the company’s managers.
  • The name and address of the company’s registered agent.

While you can create and file this document yourself, consider employing a business lawyer or a company that offers legal services online to help you! Your legal associate could assist determine filing charges and guide you through the filing process.