Workspaces That Are Tailor-Made For Your Business

You might have a brilliant idea to kickstart your business. You might have an exceptional team of employees to transform your ideas into productive results. But still your business can become a victim of slow progress. This happens when you and your employees fail in finding the right place to work from. Work atmosphere plays a determining role in the growth of any business. So, one should always begin with finding the perfect office space that fits your business needs. When it comes to beautiful and unique office spaces, Bridgeworks coworking NY provides you with office spaces that are tailor-made for your business.

What we have in store for you!

Considering the competitive nature of the business world, it is quite obvious that people’s expectations from an office space are no more the same. Keeping this in mind, our offices are designed in non-traditional way that meet the needs of modern and innovative businesses. One can choose the kind of office space one requires in the following three categories:

  • Basic Co-working
  • Unlimited Co-working
  • Dedicated Desk

This classification is based on the fact that not all businesses are same and not all businesses work the same way. Let us know in detail what all features can one find in these categories.


  • Basic Co-working: We, at Bridgework very well understand the financial burden that comes with leasing an office space and hence, we ensure that our clients are relieved from any such burden. The Basic Co-working is offered at an economical cost of $45 per month. Following are the other services that are offered under this:
  • One can access the workspace on the basis of 8hrs per month that is 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.
  • Conference rooms are a necessity for any business. One can book one of our nine private conference rooms starting from $25/hr.
  • Use of our private phone booths.
  • Access to Bridgeworks events and mentorships.
  • Mobile app community.
  • Unlimited Co-working: This is for the people whose businesses require some extra services. Hence, it comes with a cost of $450 per month. Here is what you can avail by opting this-
  • The most attractive part of unlimited co-working is definitely the unlimited access that you get. With this, one can have 24/7 access to Bridgeworks every day of the week.
  • Free conference room usage (6hrs/month).
  • Access to our private phone booths.
  • Free printing. (200 B&W and 60 color pages per month). Office work requires loads and loads of printing. Hence, this service is something which is needed by everyone who is looking for an office space.
  • Access to Bridgeworks events and mentorship.
  • Mobile app community.
  • Dedicated desk: It can be availed at a price of $650 per month. Apart from the services that one can avail in Unlimited co-working, there is one additional service that one can find here. It provides private lockable space for one-person with desk and chair.

No matter what kind of business you own, Bridgeworks Co-working, NY offers the best office spaces that your business needs. Contact us to know more.