5 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness Through Online Strategies

The internet has completely revolutionised the way that we do business all over the globe. Things that were not even thought possible a decade ago are now commonplace thanks to advances in information technology and the almost limitless imagination and daring of digital entrepreneurs. The same technology that provides incredible opportunities also fosters intense competition in a crowded market in which everyone is trying desperately to be heard. The vast majority of businesses will not survive into their second year. However, there are a number of strategies that you can employ to give your business the edge that will allow it to survive and thrive.

Local SEO

Search engines such as Google have almost completely changed the way we shop. The first thing that almost all people do when considering any purchase is to “Google” the item. It is easy to see how ranking well in search results can be the single most important factor in building brand awareness for a smaller organisation. With search engine algorithms becoming every smarter, local SEO is the key to ensuring that your brand will be seen by as many people as possible in the areas in which you operate. The catch is that you need to have a physical address in order to be recognised for those locations. Before you throw up your hands in despair, consider renting a virtual office. Let’s say you want to grow your market in New Zealand. Securing a virtual office space in Aukland will provide you with a physical address that can be used for SEO purposes to build localised authority so that web users in that area will find you when searching for relevant keywords.

Pay Per Click

Strategies such as PPC (Google Adwords) and Google Shopping are incredible tools that can allow smaller organisations to compete on a level playing field with the big boys. Paid search starts working for you immediately and when well managed, can drive a significant amount of visitors to your website that are ready to buy right now.

Social Media

This one is no secret. Everyone knows how critical a Social Media presence can be for growing brand awareness and communicating your organisation’s key messages, culture and values to a captive audience. However, few companies get their Social right and end up squandering what otherwise would have been a prime opportunity. Familiarise yourself with what makes a high-quality, effective Social strategy and make sure you stick with it consistently.


Ever wondered how those ads keep popping up everywhere you surf for that furniture store website you visited last week? That’s retargeting. While it can sometimes be annoying, the statistics show that it is incredibly effective in keeping your brand front-of-mind for potential customers that have already shown explicit interest in what you offer. Especially for larger purchases where consumers might take their time to make their decision, retargeting can gently remind the user of who you are and prod them to return once they are ready to buy.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO is the process of optimising your website to convert the maximum number of visitors into customers. This field is highly specialised and employs advanced technologies and techniques to achieve results. While there is certainly an investment, the increase in conversion rates for your website are usually well worth it.

By using the tools at your strategy, you too can be successful in growing your brand, your business and your bottom line. Good luck!