Mayfair Modern Condo

What makes Mayfair Modern the best place to dwell?

Mayfair Modern is a  newly developed condo solely intended for leasing. It is located just right at the heart of Bukit Timah and is durably developed by Oxley Holdings. It has already been developed and was formerly called Mayfair Garden. A certain developer bought it sometime November of last year. The piece of land is perfectly located at Bukit Timah adjacent to Beauty World and King Albert Park. The homeowners are lucky enough for this is just a minute walk away from Albert Park MRT station on the Downtown area. Mayfair Modern has an exclusive and comfortable place to dwell together with the family.

Is it beneficial for living in Mayfair Modern condo? 

Mayfair Modern Condo is conveniently located near various shopping centers such as Bukit Timah Shopping Center, Beauty World Plaza and Beauty World Center. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also found near the Mayfair Modern Condo. Plenty of outdoor facilities are available and can be used by the residents to spend quality time with their family. Mayfair Modern Condo is so reachable with King Albert Park MRT station on the downtown line. Buses are also available for homeowners who wish to commute using this transportation.

What makes Mayfair Modern condo be the best choice? 

It has been acclaimed that leasehold development which is well located is more excellent compared to freehold developments. The down payment and the capital outlay of the Mayfair Modern condos are lower but the rent remains the same. This is one reason why leasehold development is better in terms of earnings. This means higher yield result to better earnings and an excellent investment options. Criteria are required to become a leasehold developer, and Mayfair is one who passes all the required criteria.

Mayfair Modern Condo

The condos must be located near to many shopping centers and all amenities should be present. Freehold development  It has been noted that condos which are found around Bukit Timah are very expensive in price. Comparing the prices offered by both developer, Mayfair Modern offered a cheaper price thus making it a very good choice for the rich homeowner who is seeking to acquire an investment.

What advantages could be found in Mayfair Modern that others don’t have? 

Many private developments are found in Bukit Timah in which plenty of elite individuals are gathered together for social networking activities. These elite group could make used of Mayfair Modern for it has complete amenities including many country clubs depending on the choice of the elite group. Some of these country clubs in which they can choose are The Singapore Island Country Club, Temasek Club, Raffles Town Club, The British Club and Swiss Club Singapore. Sports facilities such as tennis, golf, and spacious functions rooms are also available.